Friday, July 29, 2005


I'll have the lumpia, please

We went to the sacred monkey sanctuary yesterday up in Ubud. The drive up in the shuttle bus took about an hour or so. That wind felt mighty fine after three days of beach weather. Ubud is interesting, more subdued. Good jewelry shops, but this isn't a shopping vacation for me. Carmell has acquired some really unique pieces in the last two days.

I felt like a jerk this week when I accidentally stomped my big American Adidas shoe onto one of the offerings in a doorway, but my guilt diminished when I saw another tourist bending over on the beach and taking the flowers out of several of the offerings and placing them in his hair. They looked pretty with his electric orange tank top.

We haven't experienced any nightlife yet, but now that it's Friday, I'm hoping that will change. One of the reason we haven't "gone out" is that we're awoken each morning at about 4 by the rooster. 4 a.m. So by 8 p.m. we are wiped out.

My skin is dewy and dreamy except for that first sunburn that's now abating. The 45 SPF isn't enough for this sun. A bottle of sunblock costs $17.50. I have to be so careful with my pale self.

Haven't come across any other Americans. Met some people from Canada on the shuttle. I was thinking how we are seeing very few overweight people, then I realized that none of these tourists are from the beefy USA.

Speaking of beefy, I have begun a quality assurance study on Bali's spring rolls. If my theory is proven -- "there's no such thing as a bad spring roll in Bali" -- I will expand this study into the rest of SE Asia. Here are top spring rolls so far in Bali:
#1 Mini Restaurant, Legian
#2 Lunch place in Ubud
#3 Goysha Bar, Legian

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