Sunday, July 31, 2005


Sometimes my fans get a little too close

We went up into the mountains today to visit a couple of Hindu temples and another monkey forest. Took most of the day. It's so simple and misty and vegetative up there. The drive up was great, just to watch Bali pass by through the windows.

A Japanese woman came up to me at one of the temples and asked if I could "take picture." I thought she wanted me to take her photo with her camera, but no, she wanted to get in a photo with me, the white giant woman with auburn hair. It was hilarous the first time. I had Carmell take some photos of this with my camera, too. You put a teensy Japanese woman next to a sturdy woman of Scotch-Irish descent, and I suppose that's a photo op right there, forget about the sacred temple in the background. This happened a few times today, mostly from Japanese people. My tour guide told a few of them that it cost $10 to get a photo with me. One of the women said she would pay $3. I think I have found a way to go and visit expensive Japan and make a profit. I will spend the daytime posing for photos, spend the nights in the karaoke bars. (Personal note to my fair friend Kate: Creamy really is dreamy like we knew all along.)

Hello Amy Jo-
Your youngest sister here. I am so happy for you! I am glad that you are doing this for yourself, you deserve it. Sounds like your having fun. Remember not to spit on the sidewalks in Thailand and send me cool postcards to put up on my fridge.
I am laughing my butt off. Yes, dear Amy, creamy is dreamy! Maybe that $17.50 for sunscreen is worth it.

Your travelogues are stirring envy deep within me. Maybe I should've skipped the getting married/buying a house thing and travelled the world with you... * Heh heh heh *

Hope you're having the time of your life ...
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