Wednesday, August 31, 2005


For the record, nobody here is crabby

Oy, I just finished traveling 19 hours to get to Krabi, Thailand. It's on the Andaman Coast kind of east of Phuket. Not sure if the tsunami hit here, so I will ask tomorrow. A serious change of pace from KL.

I was sorry to leave Kuala Lumpur. Had a good time there with the group I found. I told everyone at home before I left that I was going to meet a real surfer from Australia or Hawaii, and I can now cross that off my list. A nice boy from Hawaii spent yesterday traipsing around the city with me in search of more Indian food and postcards. It was fun to be with an American for a couple of days, too. No accent barriers and no second-hand smoke. Tried to get an invite to stop and visit when I head home, but he won't be there then because he's surfing one spot in Sumatra for the next three months. I gotta find something I can get that passionate about. Maybe just surfers in general, huh?

In Krabi, I have the best room yet of the trip. It's all colors of blue with a huge, real mattress, gauzy curtains and not a speck of dirt. I think I will stay here a few nights. I signed up for a snorkeling tour tomorrow of Ko Phi Phi. No, I haven't ever snorkled but am ready to try. Lots of people I have met are divers, but I think I am too claustraphobic for that (and poor). Other things I plan do this week are a cooking course, elephant trek and canoe trek. And the book I have chosen at the moment is "Wuthering Heights," so that's going to take some time to lumber through.

Here's something I keep noticing: The same Garfield duffle bag is following me around Southeast Asia. No matter where you go, all the crap for sale in the markets is the same. Same fake LVs, same fake Chanel sunglasses and this same little Garfield duffle bag. A whole bunch of the local people are carrying the Garfield duffle. I see it in the 7-Eleven, on the train, walking to work. It's kind of funny to me. Might have to get one.

God, I'm addicted to your blog. I'm heading back to LA on tues (sad). I just spent a weekend in DC. I think you should put it on the list of possible places to live. I thought it was a really cool town. Miss you.
hey im so glad you made it to Ko Phi Phi..that was the one place i really wanted you to hit in thailand and you thought you were going to miss it..i feel like im reading the real live "Survivor" or "The Amazing Race"..Hey buy me a duffle..i love kitties...

Amy sounds like a blast. Are you in an area of climbing? I heard Krabi is the place for climbing and wondered if it is true. We are getting excited about Ireland in October and just got back from 4 days in New York (Really Expensive). Love to read about your travels. Eric, Kathy and Brynn Worden
You're gonna love snorkling. Make sure you have an air vent that lets the water flow out. I forgot the name of it. Spend a little time in the water with your face down before you pick up your feet. Once you see the fish, you'll be in heaven.
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