Thursday, August 25, 2005


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I went to the tallest building in the world today, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You may have seen photos of it; it's the one with the two silver towers and the horizontal viewing deck connecting the two in the middle. I didn't get to go up there because they only allow 1400 people per day to the viewing deck. If you're not there first thing in the morning, you're out of luck. The towers look evil to me; all of the Islamic-designed buildings do, and they're all over the place here.

KL has a pretty good vibe. It's retail heaven, even more than Jakarta. Fairly expensive, but it is a big city, of course. I rigged myself up with a different daypack, so I got the retail therapy I needed and purchased a necessary item.

My hostel room has air conditioning, air conditioning!

Tomorrow morning I am off on a three-day jungle trek. This is one of the big deal things I have on my trip list. You never know what you're getting into with these tour dealies, but it's worth a try and a good price. They ask you to bring a supply of things like toothpaste and matches to get the leeches off your skin. Oh, my god.

Because of where I'm at, very many of the women here are covered in black gowns and veils. Just their heavily made-up eyes peek out of two little holes. And I'm thinking that although I understand it's part of the religious culture here, it must be awful to be in two layers, the top one black, in this sunshine, heat and humidity. They must get used to it? Of course their husbands are happily walking next to them in shorts and Ts. Hmmmmmmmm, something's not quite right there.

I'm getting stared at again here, but now they're calling me beautiful and lovely when I walk by instead of angrily yelling at me. If they think I'm beautiful now, they should catch me after a shower and some lip gloss. I catch myself in the mirror a couple of times a day, and I would call my look "backpacker horrid."

See you when I return from the real jungle. My niece has asked me to please bring her a monkey, so I think this trek is my chance to adopt one.

HI Amy, Jennie Gorman here! My sis gave me the site last night. I'm so excited that you're out on this adventure. I know it gets pretty frustrating at times but just make sure that when you come home you will never say " I wish I would have done that part of it different" This is the first entry I read and am eager to read about the rest! HELLO Sleeth family! Hope all is well!
Have a great trip to the jungle! Make sure you are getting pictures or yourself. Glad the staring is becoming more positive.
Happy Birthday tomorrow!! We are loving the "adventure" and eagerly await each new blog as we learn about another part of this world through you! Stay safe and enjoy. We love you! The Reynolds p.s. Hannah says she wants a monkey too. Yeh...rigghhhttt!!! Keep humming..."it's the jungle boogie"
Hi Amy, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday in the jungle.Will you eat a couple of ants for me and tell me if they really do taste like lemonade. We miss you and love you!
Love the Sumerlin's
Happy Birthday and WOW! You are one couragous woman and I beleive in YOU! My tutor is back from Brazil and helped me find your blog {He leaves again in a week so I am on heavy duty learning{ We are fine. 11 young people are comiong for dinner and I so enjpy learning with them. Celebrate you! love mary{you gypsy cousin}
Whoever would have thought our daughter would be celebrating a birthday in a jungle on the other side of the world. While we catch our breath at some of your emails and blogs, I agree with Jennie: Do all you set out to do. Enjoy! Be safe! LOVE YA!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetie! Hope you're having a blast.
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