Friday, August 26, 2005


Jungle time

Now, how many gals can say they spent their birthday floating in a wooden boat down a Malaysian jungle river? I can!

So glad to report that the last week has pretty much convinced me I am back on track.

Left KL today on a bus and landed smack in the middle of Malaysia in a town called Jerantut. I hopped on a long, wooden boat with a bunch of other backpackers and three hours later I am in the middle of the jungle.

The river water looks like a latte. And the trees and plants, oh my gosh. Mother Nature saved her best green velvet and unfurled it all here. You can see smoke rising in the trees from what I like to think are the campfires in the jungle villages. My tour this weekend includes a night 'safari' walk, a visit to a hide (still not sure what a hide is), the jungle trek, crossing an elevated rope bridge and some other stuff on which I'll report.

I had a nice chat with a handsome but married Frenchman on the boat who filled me in on where to go in Vietnam if I last that long in this humidity. He also said the Italy idea was pretty good, too. I didn't ask why he's been traveling alone for nine months without his wife. Maybe the ring is a fake to ward off girls like me.

Also met my first Americans today. Two boys from Denver heard me talking in a restaurant and headed over for some travel chat. They lamented that their mother didn't allow them to bring their portable DVD players on the trip. I assured them it was for the better.

Hey Trekker, not to be confused with Trekkie, although you would look awesome in one of the little blue numbers (to bring out your luscious skin and gorgeous amber eyes). It sounds like you are on a upswing in the travel scene. I have a friend in Thailand and will try to find her so you can hook up. She teaches yoga at a retreat owned by some Portlanders it might be a good spot-I will make some calls today and get her email for you.
Also, it occured to me that the French and often Euros in general wear their wedding rings on the ring finger of their RIGHT hand, so was or is he married or not. I guess there could be a bit of a mystery in the jungle to solve.
Happy Birthday a bit late to you.
I'm so dense. I just realized that I could make comments instead of emailing you. Sounds like things are going better. A very belated happy birthday. When you return, it's margueritas on me. My travels are over for a few weeks. Back to ho hum every day stuff. Take care, Marti
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