Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Last couple of days on Bali

Hi, Everyone! I like to think that the vacation ended yesterday and the journey begins today. Carmell is well on her way to Tokyo, then back home to the USA. I am all alone on the other side of the planet now. All by myself. Traveling solo. Not for long, though, I have hopes.

My surfing lessons are in about four hours, I am super excited. When I signed up yesterday, I was the only person on the list. If I am lucky it will end up being a private lesson and I will be shredding waves within an hour. More likely I will break my ankle tripping on the leash on the walk to the beach. But if I can just get up on the board a few times for a few seconds, I will be satisfied. I talked last night with the surfer who has the room next to mine at my inn. He told me, very seriously, to cancel my lessons today because he's afraid I'll become addicted to surfing and that it will take over my life like it did with him. I wish!

Now that I think I have figured out how to attach them, here are some photos from the last couple of weeks. (I am working on how to place them next to the text. I can't seem to get it to work.)

This is my favorite store on Bali:

If you're interested, this is the site from the Bali bombing in 2002. The big memorial is across the street; this photo is the site where the club was.

Here is one of the cute monkeys from the sacred monkey forest in Ubud:

That's probably it for a few days while I travel. I am going to work my way off Bali tomorrow or Friday and onto the island of Java. My next big destination is Jakarta; I get to take my first train ride to get there. I am so excited to get to Bangkok that I want to plow through and get up there, but I will take it easy and remember to take in everything on the way.

Hey Amy -
Sounds like you've done very well indeed by Bali. If you managed to avoid having one of the shrine monkeys take your wallet, you're well ahead of me.
Good luck surfing (all I got at Kuta was a rather raw, scraped chest from trying to stay on the board asI paddled) and remember these heartfelt words from Bali: "Transport? Transport? Hellllloooo Mister!"
Any specials at the Amy Shop?
Keep up the writing. I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you like Bankok. When I was there is was just nuts. Chang Mai is much more relaxed, and they have a night market there, which is great. Are you going to Laos by any chance? I loved Laos.
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