Tuesday, August 23, 2005


On to another country

Wrapped up seeing Singapore this afternoon. Tonight I am catching up on e-mails and getting organized again. I liked it here; it's been a good break from the dirtiness of Java, although the hostel and I am pretty grungy. Singapore is nicely thought out. It's simple as pie to get around town, it's sparkling clean and 100 percent of the people I have encountered have been friendly. It's also much too expensive to stay even another day, so I am headed to Kuala Lumpur on the bus tomorrow morning.

The food here has been the best so far. I am completely inspired to start cooking more creatively as soon as I get home. There's no reason to eat all that processed stuff we have in America after I have seen how quickly these fresh foods can be turned into a satisfying meal.

Not sure how I'm feeling about my trip plans at the moment. I am trying to give myself a few days to get out of my head and not think about it.

I spent the day with two British women who were on a bit of a shopping spree because they're flying home tomorrow. I learned some new words: knackered (exhausted. And I am knackered at the moment), nicked (stolen) and "sod it," which I think means something like dammit or forget about it . They got to talking about how much they all despise Bush in England. I quickly clarified that I didn't vote for him, and they said that's what every American says. Then we got on the subject of mullets, and that was much more fun. But there's not a long stretch from Bush to mullets, is there? I think they thought I am hard of hearing because I kept asking them to repeat themselves with the accent difference. But it was lovely to listen to all these Brits for the last five days.

Still no Americans wherever I go. Not that I'm in need of finding any, but I am surprised I haven't seen any. Except for "America via Lombock," right, Carmell?

The hostel is exactly like high school. The hot girls all sit in a pile and throw crumpled paper at the cute guys, the nerds gather in a circle to talk about where to go buy electronics and the rest of us wonder how the hot girls can possibly have actual hairstyles and outfits put together. They have earrings and belts and everything. Where does their bug spray go if they're carrying around handbags?

Happy birthday to Carmell today!

I'm glad you had a great time in Singapore after that awful train trip. I hope that you do start cooking. It is amazing how many meals are 30-min or less with fresh veggies etc. (we even make homemade pizza in 30min including dough) You'll have to come visit Seattle when you get back to keep that cooking bug going.

Enjoy your travel day!
Ah, mullets. A favorite Amy Sleeth topic. Just remember, Amy: Business in the front, party in the back.

Stay safe. Use sunscreen. Can you get java in Java?
Just want you to know how much we love your stories here at St. Luke's! I miss your presence at work! I feel as though I am traveling right along with you and experiencing all of your emotions. Especially the stories of your "little people" fan club. Though I feel your frustration, I want you to press on and soak up the great experiences. Keep your chin up Lady!
~Lorrie Anne
thanks amy..way to go..im so sad that im not there with you sharing your CRAZY adventure.please stay away from all "america via lombok" types..they freak me out...i miss you tons..Happy Birthday..

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