Sunday, August 21, 2005


Seeing Singapore

A day does make a difference. I slept for 14 hours last night and woke up ready to make the most of Singapore. I made friends with the man I slept next to at the hostel. They put more than 25 people in one room, so I found myself in between two men. That was certainly a first. Anyway, one of my bunkmates and I found our way to an island just next to Singapore called Sentosa. We saw an herb garden, the bird show and took the gondola to get there and back. The gondola isn't like in Spokane where it's a few feet off the ground; this one was way up in the sky, pretty fun.

Tonight, I went on a walking tour of Little India, the neighborhood in which my hostel is located. I made new a few friends in just a few hours, and now I have people to spend the rest of my time here with and a gal who I am meeting in KL next week who is also interested in traveling into Thailand.

So today was much better, more like it should be. It's been great to talk with people all day long and not feel a bit sorry for myself. I have hopes the rest of the week here will be as fun.

Comments: glad to hear things are looking up...have fun..keep and open mind and try to sleep between 2 men more often..

Amy- are you sure that you aren't interested in two italian men?
Make sure you are having a good time, and if not, get the hell out of there!

We are all thinking of you at the sonoma....

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