Monday, August 22, 2005


Today was zoorific

Hey everyone. Went to the Singapore Zoo today. It was so good I was tempted to buy a $39 T-shirt so I can advertise for them. I'm usually animal-neutral, but this place knocked my socks off. Took tons of photos. My card reader got squished in my backpack, thus no photos posted until I can find a cafe with a reader I can use.

Going to bed now. Wonder who I'll sleep next to this evening. You guys are just getting to work now on Monday morning.

All the Isuzu Troopers on the roads here for some reason all have a bumper sticker in the window that shows 'Total Assy' -- I think that's funny every time I see it.

I'm getting sick, I can tell. It's from that Indonsian woman who let all the people into my cabin on the ship and coughed on me for 28 hours straight. I hope she's sunbathing with loud headphones on when the next tsunami rolls in.

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That's a terrible thing to say. She was awful but damn girl. I hate that she hurt you so bad to say something like that.
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