Monday, September 05, 2005


Finally, photographic evidence

Finding my way around Thailand is no problem at all. Really.

Well, then, I guess that'll be one plate of shrimp, please.

Broken palm on Phi Phi Don.

This proves it, I was here. Yesterday, me in Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi. No, ha ha, I didn't go surfing but I also didn't get sunburned.

Some of you have enquired about the most recent experiments I have performed for my scientific study to determine Southeast Asia's finest spring rolls. But, as some of you may know, I am in the painful process of losing half my body weight. Eating the lovely deep-fried treats was not OK. Lucky for me, representatives from the palace have contacted me and asked me to take on a different study, that of the kingdom's delicious tom yum goong soup (TYG). Tom yum is delicious, full of vegetables, lemongrass, shrimp and delightful herbs and spices I do not know enough of to name. And quite food-plan friendly. My results so far are centered in Krabi Town, the only place I have eaten here so far. But I suspect Bangkok's tom yum is soon to be in strong competition. Thailand's restaurants with the best TYG so far:

1. Eighty-Nine, Krabi Town
2. Chan Cha Lay, Krabi
3. Chok Dee, Krabi

Sounds like you're hitting your stride -- eat drink and be merry!
The whole trip seems to be settling into a nice pace. Thanks for the photo update. I love reading your blog. Circle of friends? One of my all time favorties.
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