Thursday, September 01, 2005


Something fishy happened today

Just washed the saltwater off from my four-island tour of the area around Krabi Town. I had a miscommunication with the tour booker and ended up not on the islands I thought I was going to see. But no problem. I thought I was going to Ko Phi Phi, so I will do that on Saturday and be sure I get the correct tour. Am quite interested to see the tsunami area and, admittedly, the island from "The Beach" movie. Gotta see it while I have the chance.

This region would be the perfect place to bring your lover because it's paradise. (I will try to find one for myself!) Beautiful beaches and amazing cliffs, great food, cute hotels, friendly people. I recommend it to any of you other lovers out there who want something different than Hawaii or a cruise.

Today I went snorkeling for the first time. Easy peasy once you get used to being able to breathe under water. The first time I floated into a school of fishes, I was so astonished that they were all around me that I ran away. But then I got more brave and let them swirl around me. Lots of fish kisses on my legs. Maybe they like Coppertone?

Speaking of Coppertone, I don't know what to do about the sun. I put on so much sunblock and I am still fried from today. The rays are so intense here. It's a dilemma. I can't wear pants and a t-shirt in the water, and I'm not not going to do to the beachy things here. I have a rasher from Bali that's SPF 50, but it's miserable to wear it because it's so hot. I might have to put it back on and deal with it.

Ate my first Thai food in Thailand last night. Perfect! I have waited years and years for that meal. I am delighted to finally be here actually in this country. I know I will see and do some great things in the next weeks.

People here are super smiley and friendly. If you pass someone with a toddler or baby, the adult picks him/her up and waves its little hand at you. Many of the people I pass ask me where I'm from. I say "America" and they inevitably start yelling, "USA, USA, USA!" Kind of makes me feel like an Olympian. If I were an Olympian, my event would be playing Uno. Definitely gold medal material, I am.

Personal note to Carmell: No joke, there is a breadfruit shrub/tree next to my hotel patio. I can't smell them at all (because they're still on the branches?), but I've had many unfortuante olfactory encounters with them since you left. Disgusting.

Guys, I will try to get some photos posted to visually enhance these entries. My card reader got broken, my memory card isn't full yet and it takes a really long time to transfer the photos. Patience ...

A small Thai story: In 1997, when Aparna and I were dating, we went to Koh Samui, on the opposite coast from where you are. I met her there a few days after she arrived, and on my first day in Thailand, I got a good sense of the generally laid-back vibe of the islands, and the general good humor of folks there. We stopped in a photo shop so she could pick up pictures from film she'd dropped off a few days before. Were they ready? - she asked politely.
Oh no, Miss, the guy behind the counter said, looking over at the developer, which appeared not to have even been turned on that day. He thought for a moment as to how best explain in a language not his own: on holiday. That was also the day we ran into a vendor who sealed his deal with us with the catchy phrase: Good for me, good for you.
Have lotsa fun, in and out of the sun.
I look forward to your posts everyday. I'm glad to hear you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for giving me the smiles I need every morning.
The first time i encountered a school of fish, I almost forgot to breath. It's the most magnificent sight. You sound great. I'm glad the trip has taken a good turn. Daniella has the same problem with the sun. When we were in Hawaii, she put new lotion on about every two hours.
Amy, I just love your blog. It sounds like your are having the time of your life. Keep letting us know how its going.
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