Friday, October 21, 2005



It is very strange to wake up in Hong Kong and go to bed in Germany, but that's what I did on a Tuesday that lasted about 36 hours.

I am now finding myself in Heidelberg, Germany, and literally a world away from SE Asia. All of my clothing got a nice, soapy wash in a machine as soon as I got here. So did I, but not in a machine. It is very cold and dry after three months of 85+ degrees and humidity, so my first purchase was a heavy coat. I am so happy to be a little chilly. The weather is crispy and sunny, tons of autumn leaves are on the streets. This is just what I needed.

Yesterday, I drank a German beer in a German town square. I toured my first castle and walked all around the town. It's easily the most charming place I have seen in my life. I feel like I am in a Middle Ages movie but everyone is wering the wrong costume. I also ate a sandwich with some mysterious cold cuts and a ton of mustard. So, I have castles, beer and mustard. Perfect!

I am meeting my sister's family on Tuesday, so I have decided to do a minitour of the "Castle Road" south of Frankfurt. I am waiting now for the train to take me to a town called Bad Wimpfen. Doesn't that sound like a good place?

Something I didn't think of when I arrived in Europe: Now that I blend in with the crowd again, people are speaking to me in German. So I have memorized a couple of phrases to let them know I am a foreigner. I sound ridiculous, but I am trying my best to speak a tiny bit of German when I need to talk with someone. It's completely futile. That's when I smile and say, "Sprechen Sie Englisch?"

I can't wait to meet Becky, Justin, Madison and Cole for some German adventures. Just a few more days now!

I have truly loved your adventures so far. I'm not really into the reality tv thing, but this has been very exciting for me to have you take us with you through the good, bad and worms. Keep us posted!
~Lorrie Anne
pictures, pictures, we want pictures!
Hey Amy....What a wonderful adventure you have had!!!We have really enjoyed keeping in "touch" with you on your trip. Keep the blogs coming til we see you when you get home! Stay safe and enjoy the family visit!!! Hugs to you all. Love ya, Shannon
Mustard. Hmmm, mustard. Germany is the origin of my mustard love.

I remeber Heidelberg pretty well. Enjoy the sammiches and bier.
Enjoy the castles they were my favorite and I was pretty cold there too. Makes me realize why my family settled in Western Washington - its about the same. Enjoy your family!
And I second that on pictures!
Are you planning to visit any other country in Europe. Everything is so close and easy to get to by train. How long will you be there? Have fun with the family. Can't wait to see you.
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