Saturday, October 08, 2005


I have dong

Just an hour or so till I leave Saigon for Nha Trang. I am quickly working my way up the Vietnam coast in order to get to Hanoi by about Oct. 13, then I'm off to Hong Kong to fly out of here.

Enjoyed a tour of Saigon city yesterday. Hundreds of cafes in the midst of the crazy traffic. It's fun to sip a cold drink and just watch everyone go by. I have mastered walking into the traffic; it's the only way you can cross the street if you need to. Just step off the curb, start walking real slow and look right at the drivers. All the drivers will slow down and go around you. It's unnerving, though, hoping that they all see you in the middle of the intersection.

I saw Reunification Palace yesterday, again visited the war museum and went to a few pagodas which were pretty neat. We stopped at a wholesake market for a while, but it was so hard to walk through the aisles that we left after about 20 minutes. I don't need 144 hair clips anyway.

Today's adventure was to the Mekong Delta. We boarded a riverboat in My Tho that would've made Popeye proud. We stopped off at a candy factory, fruit farm, honey wine farm, a tiny monkey zoo, etc. We got to wear pointy rice paddy hats to keep the sun off our heads. They really work! A long drive back to Saigon tonight, and now I'm killing time till the bus leaves.

See you in Nha Trang for something more quiet.

Glad to hear that you are able to ressume your journey. I told Dennis your symtoms and he was sure you had picked up some free loaders. That's why they pay him the big bucks. I'm home today nursing a cold. I plan to do absolutely nothing. I just returned from a great conference in Montana. Who would think that it would be really good? I loved Stripes too.

Be well. Marti
Honey wine, aka Mead...yum yum.

Amy, I just learned(again) how to make contct. I am sorry you have been sick. You will get better and I have a great parasite Dr. here in Seattle if you want help when you come home.Remember, If the purchase in Hong Kong is to good to be true, it is not a purchase meant to last. And Enjoy all the sights. mspaa
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