Saturday, October 15, 2005


Missing posts

None of my posts the last couple of days are getting to the finish line, darn it.

Here's the most exciting thing that happened in the last four days: I accidentally went out of bounds at the Ho Chi Minh complex here in Hanoi this morning. I was trying to get a better photo of Uncle Ho's fancy French office building and neglected to see the do-not-trespass sign written in Vietnamese. The Commie policeman started tooting his whistle at me, and I was physically escorted to another part of the complex. I sassed the cop for touching me, but then I realized I'd better be nice and cooperate so I don't end up getting held in Vietnam while my plane to Hong Kong takes off without me. It was exciting for me and for the other tourists to watch, and it gave the policeman something to do with his time. Worked out for all of us. Sorry!

On Friday, I took myself on a long walk around the Old Quarter and visited some more tourist sights. Most interesting was the Hao Lo Prison, a k a the "Hanoi Hilton" where US POWs were held during the war. I found a pamphlet in a case on the wall. This document was apparently given to new American arrivals at the prison as a sort of introduction to prison life there. Here are some quotes I copied from the pamphlet:
- The prison "is as if one is being in California" because of the fruit they will be served.
- The prison "has a lot of other decent entertainments."
- "Health and strength will be found again."
- "They [prisoners] would find interest in raising poultry, growing flowers."

I bet the ankle shackles and tiny cells also added to the pleasant environment.

A flight suit in a glass case is supposedly John McCain's. I don't necessarily believe it's the real thing, but if it is, it's pretty neat. The should give it back to him, but that's probably not how it works here.

Tonight is my last night in SE Asia. I will be culling unneeded items from my carry-on while enjoying a last couple of Tiger beers and maybe some noodle soup. Update from Hong Kong in a couple of days. Or maybe when I get to Frankfurt.

Please eat some Dim Sum for me in Hong Kong. Yummy! Marti
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