Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Now I'm sick in Saigon

I can come up with illness alliterations for every city if I don't start feeling better. I transited into Vietnam yesterday; thank goodness everything stayed down me and in me during the bus ride. Having trouble shaking whatever I have, but I know it will pass. I am signed up for a city tour tomorrow to kind of force me out into fresh air to see how I do. I am eating because I'm so darn hungry, but still nauseated, ugh. No hurries, though. I can rest as long as I need to. That's the Catch-22 about having the flu. You're too pukey to eat, but you're so hungry from not eating it makes you more pukey. Enough of this ...

OK, because I have nothing real to report on, here are some interesting things I have seen on the TV in my room:
1. A Japanese pole dancing competition -- now I have a new goal to work toward when I get home, the double-high vertical inverted splits.
2. "Stripes." Never had seen it till this morning. It's hilarious.
3. "Ed" -- I hadn't ever seen this, either, and now I have one more reason I am sorry I worked nights for so long. I would love to live in a small town like that, except the potential for dating is probably even worse than in Spokane which is as bad as it gets.
4. I also watched a man pull a passenger bus a few feet from a chain connected to his ear.

Can you find a place to get some antibiotics? An American Aid clinic or something? Septra is a one dose doosey that might help clear out your intestines. Thinking about you...
Diamond Plaza, Nguyen Van Chien, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (84-8) 822 7848 - Contact - Link

Professionally managed and staffed family health clinic with full emergency medical services including medevac. Foreign and local doctors include experts in corporate health, tropical medicine, natal care, psychology and other disciplines.
CJ's onto something here. Hope you're feeling OK.

I've never watched "Ed" either, but, yes, "Stripes" is highly entertaining.

Take care of yourself, Amy Jo.
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