Saturday, October 01, 2005


Pheverish in Phnom Penh

More bombings in Bali, which grabs my attention quickly this time because I was just there in Kuta where one of the bombs exploded. Don't know what else to say. Makes me sick.

Actually, I am sick. Today is my fourth day in bed with some kind of fever. I was thinking it was something exotic like dengue fever because I have a bunch of the symptoms, but I think it's just regular old flu. I have ensconsed myself in an $8 (exorbitant!) air-con room with cable TV so I can get my energy back by watching HBO. My bones ache, my head and eyes are pounding and I feel about as strong as a noodle. I'm in Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, and I haven't seen a bit of it since I got here. Except the pharmacy. I will miss it entirely because I want to leave for Saigon tomorrow.

I loathe tuk tuk drivers, and if you've been here you know exactly how I feel. After 10 weeks of them, they finally got the best of me today. I took one to task this morning because he asked me four times, on seeing me four seperate times in half an hour, whether I needed a ride to the museum. But it felt great to bitch him out in my feverish tirade. It didn't do any good except give him and the other eight drivers in the courtyard a hearty laugh at the foolish Westerner.

We went to Angkor Wat on three days last week. I am kind of templed out for this trip, so days 2 and 3 for me were cut short, but seeing the main temple at sunrise was something I can say was truly awesome. We couldn't have gotten a better sunrise, just a few clouds to help bring about some lovely pink, orange and purple in the sky. Then to see the temple with that morning glow from behind, whoo!

The street kids in Cambodia are killing me. There are naked babies, infants, sleeping on sidewalks next to toddler-age brothers and sisters. Some of the babies wear plastic shopping bags instead of cothing. My friend Robin bought some of them several steamed buns at a bus stop this week, and the kids were so scrawny and hungry and grateful. Robin and I immediately had some tears on our faces. The children here are particularly beautiful. They have pretty eyes, big grins with teeth that are still white. If I already had a family, I would be talking seriously about finding a Cambodian kid to bring home.

Vietnam tomorrow morning if I feel good enough for nine hours on the bus. Starting in Saigon. Things are getting wrapped up quickly for me and Asia. Flying out of Hong Kong to Frankfurt on Oct. 18.

Hey Amy
Still logging on between spit wads and spelling tests. I was sick my last week in Mexico and can relate to being comforted by a hotel room with cable. I spent the last night at a Sheraton in Mexico City between stomach ache and nausea I was ready to leave. Your trip sounds life altering...don't forget Italy. Vespas, coffee, and italian leather...just a little reward for a life well lived thus far.\
love ya sista...
Amy - sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get a good rest and are back up and healthy soon.
When I heard about the explosion in Bali, I immediately thought of you. I was glad you were out of there, but I am sure that it was hard for you to hear about such a terrible thing happening in a place you just visited.

I am sorry you're so sick. Know that I am sending lots of good thoughts your way. Get some well-deserved rest, and enjoy what you find on cable ...
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