Tuesday, October 25, 2005


A quick hello

Hi everyone -- a quick post today because I only have a few minutes' computer time. I am at Ramstein Air Base in southern Germany. I have met up and am staying with my sister and her husband and kids. We are in a hotel apartment until they can find a new house and car and everything.

It's super to see my niece and nephew again. I waited three months for those hugs and kisses I got last night.

The base is mammoth. Anything you can think of is here: bowling alley, library, hotels, nightclubs, everything. It's close to towns called Kaiserslautern and Mannheim that have even more services and shops and stuff. I am going to do some cooking starting tonight and will try to be helpful by being domestic and watching the kids while Becky and Justin get organized.

More soon ...

Amy-this has been a highlight for me. I am sure you have had some amazing experiences that I can't wait to hear about. I admire you so much. Tell Becky hello for me.
Du hast fest eine Weltreise gemacht! Enjoy Germany, and finish your 'round the world trip with lotsa fun. Per our e-mails at the beginning of your trip, don't be one bit surprised about Italian men -- they're pinchers and whistlers and they all live with Mom (which is why they're so well dressed). Get as far south as you can as fast as you can and enjoy the last of the warm weather. Happy trails.
You made it! I kind of look at Germany as a finish line because then you get to be with family. Hi to Becky from me please, and Jennie. Doesn't real German beer kick your ass?
How long are you planning to stay in Germany? Are you going anywhere else? Enjoy your time with the family.
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