Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Rain go away

To anyone who has been e-mailing me, especially Carmell, B and J and parents, I haven't been able to get into my Hotmail ever since I got to Vietnam. I am trying to check it in each town, but it won't let me in. I think it's the Commies. If you have something crucial re. travel plans, maybe post here on the blog and we can talk that way? Maybe Hotmail will work in Hanoi. Bigger city, better technology?

It is pouring everywhere I go here. I have been through Nha Trang, spent a couple of nights in Hoi An and the afternoon today in Hue. Flooded streets, rain that's so heavy you can't even walk down the sidewalk without getting soaked. It has put a literal damper on any tourist activities, even though the locals seem to be smiling and doing just fine. But they're all soaked.

I'm taking the night bus up to Hanoi tonight. Hoping to stay put there until I fly to Hong Kong, then out of Asia next week. The buses here are a double-edged sword. One one hand, they're uncomfortable, loud and the rides last up to 14 hours. But on the good side, it costs $15 (!) to get all the way up the Vietnam coast and you get to see the pretty coast and countryside. Where else can you travel the length of a country for $15? If you need the bathroom, though, you're out of luck. The bus usually only stops one time per journey.

Hey Hey Amy: I have been reading up on the adventures. I am so glad you're starting to feel better. I can't believe you've made it this far and are about to wrap up this part of the visit. I got your postcard...loved it. The thing about the Cambodian kids really hit me. I can't imagine being there in person to witness it. Stay safe. XO
If you have a yahoo account, you should be able to get to it -- my firend Chirs, who's lived in Saigon for 10 years, hasn't had any trouble of late. Hope Hanoi is great -- it's one of my real regrets that I never got up there. If you have time to get to Halong Bay, it's supposed to be simply amazing.
Hey Lady! Sounds like you're starting to feel better. Sure do miss you around the LUKE, but us gals are still making our rounds to the local establishments from time to time and wish you were here. We look forward to all your stories once you're home. If you get hooked up with an email account you can actually utilize, let me know so I can get you updated on things here at home.
~Lorrie Anne brownla@st-lukes.org
Amy! Sorry to hear that you were sick...I hope you are feeling better now. How long are you planning on staying in Germany? I can't wait till you are back in the U.S. so I can hear more about your journey. Stay safe!
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