Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Ho hum

Not much happening the last few days other than waiting for Madonna's new video to come on MTV. That proves that nothing much has changed in the last 19 years.

Things here for my family are pretty much arranged (house, car, located the IKEA, etc.), I might head home in the next several days and find some kind of temporary income to start refilling my bank account. Fortunately, I can stay at my parents' home for a time, but I hear I will be painting and moving furniture to earn my keep. That's OK with me.

We went to IKEA in Mannheim on Saturday, and it's so massive that it makes the one in Renton look like the Circle K version. It was Becky's first trip to an IKEA, and we should have known better than to take her on a weekend day. Wall-to-wall couples in very hip eyewear pushing empty carts. I have a feeling every IKEA is like that. We left after a few hours and tried to find the city center to Mannheim, but we got lost and decided to pretend that we were going to Heidelberg anyway. I love Heidelberg. I am even going to buy a T-shirt to tell people I have been there. We browsed in the pedestrian shopping district, ate some brats and looked at all the weird but cool European footwear.

Has anyone been to the Denver/Colorado Springs area? I am thinking about looking for work there and in a few similar places. It has several of the qualities I have determined are important to me: not humid, four seasons, pays enough that I can support myself and have some left over, enough people that I still stand a chance of meeting quality unmarried ones in my demographic. And it kind of has that microbrew/outdoorsy/work-hard-play-hard thing happening. That doesn't describe me at the moment but does describe the kind of friends that sound fun. Other places on my list: Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Boise, Austin. LV and Austin are so hot, though, and Lance Armstrong lives in Austin and, man, he bugs me. Watch, I will end up in Seattle for the fourth time. Holler some of your ideas at me so I can expand my city list. Or just hire me and we'll call it done.

The third Duran Duran reference in my previous post was the phrase "friends of mine" which is a song on the band's first album, if memory serves. But maybe it's on "Rio." Cindy, I'll meet you in London on Friday to start looking for Simon. We could also go to Harrod's, have a pint, search for Wills and have a bloody great time till we're so knackered we have to take the tube to get back to our flat so we can use the loo.

Still in Germany? Or are you headed back to beautiful Washington?
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