Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Looking like a New Moon on Monday

It's been a productive week over here in Germany. My sister and bro-in-law bought a car, found a new home, and we're all getting acclimated to the local area. I have been cooking and helping to keep the homefront organized. We ate at a German restaurant this weekend. I had some kind of schnitzel. It wasn't gourmet good, but it was warm and homey, just right for a fall night.

Now that the hurdles of transportation and accomodation are figured out, we are talking about having an adventure this weekend, maybe driving over to Heidelberg or Landstuhl to see a castle. Speaking of driving, the autobahn is pretty fast. It does have posted speed limits in most sections we have driven, but that's about 80 mph so the cars move at a good pace. It's not at all like the autobahn of my childhood imagination in which there are schoolbus accidents, ambulances and Porsches colliding all along the highway.

Beauty tip for the day: Leave the hair coloring to the professionals. Hopefully, it's supposed to wash out in 28 days. My hair is so many shades of red, it's like "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" when I look in the mirror. If you know what I mean by that, then you might be one of the Neighborhood friends of mine. (Where are we going in 2006? I need something to look forward to ... )

Can you find the third reference to Duran Duran in this post? I hid it.

Besides saying "can you find the third reference to Duran Duran..." that appears so obvious it could be hidden, I can't find anything else. Remember the Glen Dow hair coloring experience? She was not quite a professional either...
No longer a blonde mais porque?
I need something to look forward to as well...how about a great show in Branson? lol
Okay, how 'bout you stay in Europe long enough for us all to meet you there and we will hunt John, Roger, and Simon down in London and wear punk rock plaid and sing the Clash all over the tube.
P.S. Roger is mine, my tastes have changed and he is looking the best out of all the ponchies.
I can only find 2. I am so depressed.
That was me-- Kelli
"in the mirror"?

Roger was alwasy the hottest anyway.
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