Sunday, December 25, 2005


This isn't a merry Christmas for my laptop

I haven't been able to post any photos from Asia because my ibook is sicker than I was in Cambodia. Maybe it has parasites, too. We will have to wait until I have time to go to Seattle and get it fixed because there's no place in Spokane that's Apple friendly. That's reason #427 not to live here. But keep checking in once in a while, OK?

This is our first Christmas without my sister Becky. She and her family celebrated hours and hours ago in Deutschland. Back here at home, we are waiting till tonight to open presents; I am holding out hope for a $1,000 Aveda gift card or a Land Rover. My mom just left to "pick up my sister." I assume that's code for "go get Amy's new Land Rover and drive it to the house." Overall, it's real quiet around here today without any amped kids. Also, Santa did not visit me for the first time in my life. I have stepped upon another touchstone of adulthood.

My favorite Christmas album is "The Roger Whittaker Christmas Album." He keeps it real. What's your favorite?

Yo, Amy Jo. Where you looking for work? Spokane rocks, Amy. Quit knocking it. It hurts my feelings and makes me rethink my position.
AMY!!!!!! CI Shenanigan's 01/27/06 5:00 pm.
~Lorrie Anne
Hey why aren't you doing your blog anymore? It has lasped into a loop-hole for college by computer.
I haven't looked up for the kids except for the two times I have seen you.
This is a great way to talk and find out about the people I love...jc being one of those.
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