Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Day Five: I guess Hank Williams is a really big deal?

Today I stopped in at the Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville. I am certainly no fan of contemporary country music, but I always liked classic country music, and I respect country's place among the musical genres. I get it.

The museum is full of fascinating objects and sounds and photos way back from bluegrass to Taylor Swift. Now, why in the world is Taylor Swift already represented in the museum alongside Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton? She is seemingly a lovely and talented young woman, but I couldn't name a song of hers if my life depended on it. Maybe in a decade or so when she's proved herself to be a legend like everyone else shown here ...

I had forgotten all about Hee Haw.

I really want cowgirl boots with my name tooled on them. Brown leather with turquoise letters border-stitched in orange. Someday ...

After the museum, with light feet and a quickly beating heart, I walked over to Third Man Records south of downtown. I had checked the web site three times this week to make sure I was going on the right day. Yes, extended holiday hours for Dec. 22. My shopping list was ready.

Not 50 yards from the store, a man came up to me on the sidewalk and said, "Naomi Judd? You are Naomi Judd, right?" "No, sir, I am not," I replied. I am a redheaded compulsive eater with full cheeks, fair skin, and a blousy top, but I am not Naomi Judd.

I approached the front door to the store and saw a little laminated sign that showed customers should ring the doorbell to get in. My insta-fantasy at seeing the sign was that Jack White would answer the door himself (seeing how it was three days before Christmas, he would be home in Nashville, perhaps minding the store for the fun of playing cashier). He would swing the door open for me, holler back inside, "Hey, guys, we got a redhead at the door!" Then he would pull me inside, offer to take my coat, and start showing me super special limited edition records and the Jack and Meg thumb drives. I pressed the button and heard the bell ringing.

Then tragedy struck.

No one answered the door.

I lost my pride and rang the bell three more times. I pressed my face against the door to squint through the tinting. A young man came up the front steps, also hoping to get in. We shared stories about how far we'd come to get here. How it would be terrible if we couldn't get in. Just terrible. He had already been to the store once today. It was closed then, too. The man called the store's phone number. No answer. Music was coming from inside the store. Voices could be heard in between the songs. The doorbell was definitely working.

We gave up, and his mom and dad gave me a ride back downtown.


I have been thinking about coming to Third Man for almost two years, and it's unlikely I will be in Nashville ever again. I saw merchandise through the window that is not for sale on the web site. However, I believe that disappointment is about the person being disappointed choosing to be so. I will be fine tomorrow. But for today, I truly feel let down. I really wanted to see the store and check it out and buy some cool records today.

I just wanted you to know that I am reading...
sorry about your disappointment. Our flight was cancelled today and we will be trying again tomorrow. Love you. Drive safe. Hope
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