Friday, December 24, 2010


Days Six and Seven

Memphis. I had the same feeling here yesterday that I did when I stood on the Grassy Knoll. Nobody was around here yesterday. Apparently, the hotel site remains exactly like it looked in 1968. It made me feel like it was my little moment in time to have it to myself. It was powerful to stand in the parking lot and look up at the balcony and think.

He wasn't the only important person I paused to consider in Memphis ...

Elvis and Graceland is 15 minutes but a world away from MLK. I splurged on the platinum tour and got to see his mansion, his cars, and his airplanes. Gold records cover the walls all over the place. The mansion was smaller and much more like my Aunt Laura's house than I expected. She had the same Franciscan Apple dishware as the Presleys and the same curtain fabric in her basement that Elvis has on the window off his Jungle Room. And the shag level on the carpet was similar. And the brown and yellow-ness.

Wouldn't you think that Elvis would have a fancy kitchen? Not at all! It's a regular circa 1970s kitchen with a regular fridge and a regular sink. The whole place made me want to frost my hair and have a cigarette. The home is in fantastic shape considering the amount of people who traipse through there, and I found every detail to be fascinating. I have been thinking about Elvis all day today. He was a beautiful man, great looking. Tons and tons of his clothing is on display. His airplane, the Lisa Marie, has a proper dining room and a bar. What a life.

I'm all done driving, back at Becky's tonight watching The Dukes of Hazzard. I love it when Uncle Jesse gets involved in the car chases in his white pick-up truck. A minute ago, he was at home making crawdad bisque and peach pie. Next thing, Bo and Luke need him to run Enos off the road into a swamp.

My lungs hurt. Every time I get a cold, it sinks into my chest on the third day and stays there. I got some nice plump shrimp today for Christmas dinner, but I can't taste anything, even a tangerine. Even a tangerine! It's very sunny and clear here, and I am glad for the light on my face.

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