Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The banana clip is alive and well

We've noticed several women whom we suspect are Aussies sporting the hair clip made popular in the '80s, the banana clip. I haven't seen anyone actually wearing a yellow banana clip, though, that would be too much for me to take. I am secretly tempted to buy one; I remember how high you can get your hair in the back. It might be just the thing to get some attention from these surfers.

We took a three-hour shuttle bus trip up to north Bali today into a teensy fishing village called Lovina. Our hotel has a pool and a grotto. I can tell what you're going to ask me next: Yes, it is a lot like the Playboy mansion except Weezer isn't playing on the lawn and our hotel manager, unlike Hef, has never ever taken a bath in his life, I know it.

No good spring rolls in three days!

Just have one of your fans bring you a spring roll and demand that it be served in a banana clip.

Two birds, one stone.
It's so Colleen A.! Bring some back and make them popular all over again!
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